March 22, 2015


     Welcome!  My name is Laura, and I'm an educator.  I started this blog to share ideas that I have used in my classroom or library.  I've been in education for 9 years.  I taught kindergarten for four years and first grade for four years.  This is my first year being a librarian.  I'm currently finishing up schooling to be a counselor. 
      I had a hard time coming up with a name for my blog.  I decided on The Traveling Educator because I'm currently certified in different areas, and I could change jobs at any time and wanted to post about what I'm currently doing.
      I'm an Air Force Spouse, so we move around a lot.  I taught in Florida, and I live in Texas.  I only have about a year left in Texas.  The great thing about moving around is that I learn so many new ideas from other educators.  The ideas I incorporated in my classroom in Florida are so different than what I do now in Texas.  After learning Common Core in Florida, it was a challenge learning a new system in Texas, a non-Common Core state. 
     I'm so excited to start this new journey of writing a blog.  I can't wait to share with everyone the activities I do as an educator!

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