August 30, 2015

Computer Username and Password Cards for Students


      One thing that I disliked at the beginning of the school year was writing the student's username and password for every single computer program the school had.  It took a lot of time.  As an organized person, I wanted a more organized and cuter way to display the information for each student.  I created these username and password cards for my students.  Using Avery  or Maco labels, a teacher can print out a cute label for each student.  On each label, is an option for the teacher to type out the student's information instead of writing it.  The great thing is it could be saved and used again if the student lost it. 

     Once becoming a librarian, I was in charge of writing the student's Accelerated Reading level on each planner for the entire school.  Again, I wanted a easier and cuter way of displaying the information, so I made labels for that too.  On each label, there is a spot for the student's Reading level or range level, the goal of the week, and the goal for the 6 weeks.

     For example, Julia's range is 4.4-5.4, her goal is one point a week, and her 6 weeks goal is 6 points with an average of 85 percent.  Each 6 weeks, the information changes so I print out new reading levels for the students.  In the library the books are organized by A.R. level, so it's really important students remember their levels.

To go with the different themes, I made a few different ones.

Jungle Theme Computer Labels

Superhero Theme Computer Labels

Western Theme Computer Labels

Bee Theme Computer Labels

Frog Theme Computer Labels

Ocean Theme Computer Labels

Owl Theme Computer Labels

Student Theme Computer Labels

Here are some of the examples of the different computer labels with the different themes.  The text boxes won't show when printing.

                    See the text boxes above.  All computer cards come
                   with text boxes so you can  add the students' information.

August 18, 2015

Library and Teacher Planner


     I've never been one of those teachers that uses a planner.  I did at first, but the planner didn't have much besides the calendar.  This year I decided to make my own library planner for myself and a teacher planner for a few of my friends.  I lost track of how much time I spent making these but it was worth it to have everything you need in one place.

     Each planner is over 200 pages with a color option and black and white option.  The great part about each colored planner is that each page has text boxes, so that a teacher can type anything they would want before printing the planner.  Both planners have editable covers, birthday reminders, and year at a glance pages.  Monthly cover pages, monthly calendar pages, and week at a glance for each week of the year are also included.  After every month, there is a notes page, communication log (teacher planner), and a library fines page (library planner).  To introduce each new section, there's a decorative cover page.  Each planner includes weekly schedule pages, a volunteer list, communication logs, and a maintenance/technology issues log.  Lastly, each planner includes sheets for meeting notes, password reminders, teaching ideas, teaching expenses, and blog ideas.

     The library planner includes budget/account information sheets, vendor lists, book request forms for students and teachers, order ideas, orders placed, and arrival shipment records.  Librarians teach multiple classes a day, so I made 47 different roster pages to include the teacher's name, student's names, student ID numbers, and student accommodations information.  What library planner would be complete without a section for the Scholastic Book Fair?  This section includes a book fair information sheet, information sheet for book fairs 1, 2, 3, and 4, preview schedule for each fair, and a summary information sheet.  Lastly, it's always important to document end of the year information, so end of the year book fines, inventory information, discarded books record, and lost books records are all included in this section.  Finally, collaboration with teacher notes and library ideas sheets are also included with this planner.

     The teacher planner includes a weekly schedule and an early release schedule with a few rosters in case the teacher has more than one class.  On each roster there's room for student name, student ID, and student accommodations/allergies.  Need to keep track of student reading levels, student transportation, and student, parent, and emergency information?  This planner has that too.  Also, keep track of parent conferences with a log to keep track of all the information discussed.  In addition, you will find student book checkout pages, book wish list, and classroom supplies wish list.  Finally, you will get book fair and scholastic pages, teaching ideas pages, to do lists, and field trip/chaperone information.

     I printed my two planners on my Brother printer.  My printer does double sided printing without doing the paper yourself.  Once printed, I took my planners to a place where they do laminating and spiral bounds.  It cost me about 15 dollars to have the front two pages laminated and the good spiral put on.  I made the mistake of putting the flimsy open spiral put on and the front page kept coming off. 

Here's the link to my store if you would like to check out my planners.

My Library Planner

My Teacher Planner

                           The front cover is editable too, so you can type your name before printing.

Here's two pictures of two of the twelve calendars provided in the planner.

Here's a picture of the class roster page with the editable text boxes.      

Notes for the month is provided after every month.
Student book fines are also provided in the library planner after every month.

The budget information and vendor list pages are included with the library planner.

Teaching expenses and sneak peek at my school are provided in both the library and teacher planner.