May 21, 2015

Career Day Certificates


     I’m taking classes on the side to become certified as a school counselor.  Part of my program is to be a counselor intern.  One of my duties is to help organize Career Day.  We had to have about 70 volunteers this year and then organize a schedule.  As a thank you for coming in, we provided lunch and a Career Day Certificate to each volunteer.  I was in charge of making the certificates. 

     I went on Scrappin Doodles and purchased some clip art that had to do with community jobs.  I created a few different templates for the counselor to pick from.  I wanted it to be editable, so it can be easily changed for the following year.   I created some blank ones in case I ever had to change the certificate. My counselor had a color printer, so I was able to print it out in color.  I know that I may not always have access to a color printer, so I created black and white awards too.  I printed them on cardstock, but I didn’t laminate them. 

     Career Day turned out great!  The students and the volunteers had a great time!  The volunteers loved their certificates. 

     If you are looking for a way to thank your volunteers for coming in, check out my Career Day Presenter Thank You Certificates. 

Here’s the link to the clip art I used in my product.


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(Pictures of the product.  The Text boxes won't show when printing the product.


May 11, 2015

Where's the Librarian? Door Signs


     As a librarian, I often have to close the library for numerous reasons.  I can be in the library eating lunch with the doors closed and lights off and still students come in.  I could be out of the library and come back to find students in the library by themselves.  I needed something to inform students that the library is closed and for them to come back at a later time.  A few years back, I made door signs letting people know where my class was.  I thought I could do something similar for the library.
     I made two versions incase one didn't work.  The first version I made it so everyone can see the different options on where the librarian could be.  The only thing you move is the circle to identify where the librarian is.  The second version I have one sheet saying, The Librarian is, and every time the librarian leaves, he or she has to place the card on where they are going. 
     In my library, I'm using the 2nd version.  The second version is bigger for the students to see.  The only downside is that I have to always remember to bring the card to where ever I'm going.  As for the other version, it would be already up on the wall, for the librarian would just have to move, The Librarian is, card.  I used Velcro on all of the cards for easy use. 
     Since I'm finishing up my counseling program, I wanted to make one incase I ever move and switch jobs.  It's fairly similar to the librarian one except for it's geared to working with small groups. 

If this is something you could use in your library or counselors office, please check out my Teachers Pay Teachers store where you can download it there.

Update:  Since writing this blog, I've changed the version I use in my library.  I kept forgetting the cards, so I switch to version 1.  The only thing I have to remember to do is move the circle.

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Below are some of the pictures of the door signs.

Version 1

Version 2

May 4, 2015

Happy Teacher's Appreciation Week!

      I just wanted to get a shout out to all my fellow teacher friends.  As educators, we work really hard day in and day out to help our students. We chose this career not to make money but to make a difference in our students’ lives.  I’m so lucky to be a in a profession like this where I to get to work with other educators that inspire me to be a better educator too!  Happy Teacher’s Appreciation Week!  As a thank you to all the hard working educators, I’m putting my Teachers Pay Teachers Store on sale.  Everything in my store is 20 percent off.   In addition as another thank you, Teachers Pay Teachers is offering a discount.  Use the Coupon Code, ThankYou when checking out, and you will get an additional discount.   The sale will be from May 5th-6th.  Make sure you follow my store for future products and sales.  Keep in mind if you rate any product that you purchase on TPT that TPT will give you credit for future purchases.

Thanks again to all of the teachers world-wide for everything that you do for the children of the world!

May 3, 2015

Library Data Notebook

     One of my favorite things being a teacher is looking at data.  When looking at the student’s data, you can see how far a student has come in a certain amount of time.  As a librarian, I miss looking at data.  I wanted a way to keep track of my students’ data, so I came up with my Library Data Notebook.  I wanted the notebook to be fun too.  I came up with a way for students (not the librarian) to keep track of their Accelerated Reading goals and for them to make library goals.  I also made a sheet where I make a goal as a librarian each six weeks.   
     Every grade level sets an Accelerated Reading goal each 6 weeks.  For 3rd-5th, it’s usually 6 points and an average of an 85 percent by the end of the 6 weeks.  For kindergarten through second, it ranges from 1 point through 5 points.  Second grade has an average goal of 80 percent, whereas neither kindergarten nor 1st grade have an average goal.  As a class, we write down our A.R. goal for the 6 weeks.  We also come up with a prize idea for the winning student with the most A.R. points.  The students also come up with a library goal to keep track of too.  I came up with a list of library goals, and the students either pick one from the list or think of their own.  Here’s a few goals from my list. 

Our class will follow directions during class library time.

Our class will return all books each week.

Our class will return books to the correct place on the bookshelf.

Our class will follow center directions.

Our class will checkout 1 easy and 1 chapter book each week.

Our class will whisper at all times in the library.

     Once the A.R. goal and library goal have been decided, I pick 6 students (one student per week) to be my observer/Recorder for the week.  Each week, the student is in charge of looking at the A.R. report to see which students met their goal or not.  The student will then graph how many students met their goal.  They use green for yes and red for no.  The student will then graph how many students followed the library goal too.  At the end of the six weeks, we look to see how well the class followed their goals.  I give rewards to each class that met their goal.  We also write down our results on the results page.  At the end of the school year, we go back and look at all of the progress we made over the past year.

     To help with expressing my library expectations, I came up with Books the Bear Library Behavior Expectations.  There are 4 different levels a class can fall under.  Level one is the lowest.  Students don’t follow directions at all in the library.  Level two is when most of the students are following directions and the rest are not.  Level 3 is when the class is behaving.  Level 4 is when the class is behaving but going above and beyond.  Students do things without being asked.  They go out of their way to fix books or push in chairs to make the library a better place for everyone.  Just like the others, the recorder also keeps track of which level the class gets by graphing.

     For the first 6 weeks of doing the Library Data notebook.  I took charge and helped them.  Once the 6 weeks were over, the students took over.  I thought I would have a problem with them being too easy on the students, but the recorders were much harder on the class than I was. 

     I really enjoyed doing this with all of my classes.  The students like doing this too.  It helps them keep track of their library, behavior, and especially A.R. goals, which is a grade for them. 

     If this is something you would like to do in your classroom or library, please check out this link to my store where you can download this product.

Library Data Notebook on TPT.

Here are some photos of the binder being used in my library.