May 11, 2015

Where's the Librarian? Door Signs


     As a librarian, I often have to close the library for numerous reasons.  I can be in the library eating lunch with the doors closed and lights off and still students come in.  I could be out of the library and come back to find students in the library by themselves.  I needed something to inform students that the library is closed and for them to come back at a later time.  A few years back, I made door signs letting people know where my class was.  I thought I could do something similar for the library.
     I made two versions incase one didn't work.  The first version I made it so everyone can see the different options on where the librarian could be.  The only thing you move is the circle to identify where the librarian is.  The second version I have one sheet saying, The Librarian is, and every time the librarian leaves, he or she has to place the card on where they are going. 
     In my library, I'm using the 2nd version.  The second version is bigger for the students to see.  The only downside is that I have to always remember to bring the card to where ever I'm going.  As for the other version, it would be already up on the wall, for the librarian would just have to move, The Librarian is, card.  I used Velcro on all of the cards for easy use. 
     Since I'm finishing up my counseling program, I wanted to make one incase I ever move and switch jobs.  It's fairly similar to the librarian one except for it's geared to working with small groups. 

If this is something you could use in your library or counselors office, please check out my Teachers Pay Teachers store where you can download it there.

Update:  Since writing this blog, I've changed the version I use in my library.  I kept forgetting the cards, so I switch to version 1.  The only thing I have to remember to do is move the circle.

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Below are some of the pictures of the door signs.

Version 1

Version 2

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