May 21, 2015

Career Day Certificates


     I’m taking classes on the side to become certified as a school counselor.  Part of my program is to be a counselor intern.  One of my duties is to help organize Career Day.  We had to have about 70 volunteers this year and then organize a schedule.  As a thank you for coming in, we provided lunch and a Career Day Certificate to each volunteer.  I was in charge of making the certificates. 

     I went on Scrappin Doodles and purchased some clip art that had to do with community jobs.  I created a few different templates for the counselor to pick from.  I wanted it to be editable, so it can be easily changed for the following year.   I created some blank ones in case I ever had to change the certificate. My counselor had a color printer, so I was able to print it out in color.  I know that I may not always have access to a color printer, so I created black and white awards too.  I printed them on cardstock, but I didn’t laminate them. 

     Career Day turned out great!  The students and the volunteers had a great time!  The volunteers loved their certificates. 

     If you are looking for a way to thank your volunteers for coming in, check out my Career Day Presenter Thank You Certificates. 

Here’s the link to the clip art I used in my product.


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(Pictures of the product.  The Text boxes won't show when printing the product.


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