June 15, 2015

Quiver Vision- A 3D Coloring App


     I don't normally get excited over a kids app, but I did for Quiver Vision.  This summer I'm researching apps that I can put on my two iPads for next school year.  A few months back I went to a librarian training, and the speaker mentioned this app.  I never had time to check it out until now.  Quiver Vision is an app you can use on your phone or iPad.  The app is free to download, but you do need a backward-facing camera on your phone or tablet.  In addition, you need a printer, paper, and colored pencils.   This app is great for all age types, and even adults will get a kick out of it. 

     The first step is to go to www.quivervision.com to download the app.  Once you have the app, you can scroll through the coloring pages they have online.  I always click on the free coloring pages.  Once you find a coloring page you like, color it.  Once finished, you open up the app, scan the coloring page, and the animation will come up.  For my coloring page, I picked the bird shown above.  I colored my page and added my last name on the bird to see what would happen.  Once scanned, the bird will walk around and eat a worm. 

It's really cool that something that you colored can come to life like it does.  Quiver Vision has many coloring pages to pick from including education coloring pages. 

Here you will find a few photos that I took of the animation and a video. 

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