July 24, 2015

Incentive Charts in the Classroom

    One item that was a must have in my kindergarten and first grade classroom was incentive charts.  Now being a librarian, I also included a way to incorporate incentive charts into my library.

     In my kindergarten or first grade classroom, each student had a behavior incentive chart with their name on it.   Each day when the student was good, I placed a sticker on their incentive chart.  Once the student reached 5 stickers, no matter how long it took them, the student took a trip to the treasure box.  The majority of students went to the treasure box on Friday.  Some students took 6 days, some two weeks, and one or two took a month to go to the treasure box.  Once the student, filled up 4 weeks of stickers, I gave the student the completed incentive chart and replaced it with a new one.

     This year, I'm planning on using my incentive charts in the library.  Some classes have a problem following directions in the library.   Basically, the same rules apply.  Once a class behaves, for a total of 5 weeks, then the class gets to go to the treasure box or picks some other library incentive. 
   The incentive charts are a great way for students, teachers, staff, and parents to keep track of their behavior in the classroom or somewhere else.

     If you like the idea above, please check out my TPT store, where I have a variety of different incentive charts a teacher can use in their classroom.

     If you have any ideas on how to use the incentive charts in the classroom, please post below.

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