April 26, 2015

Superhero Top Ten Reader Bulletin Board Printables


     I was looking for ways to promote my top ten Accelerated Reader readers for each grade level to inspire other students to aim higher than just their A.R. goal.  I needed something small but big enough to display clipart, and lines to write the student's name, teacher's name, and grade level on each one. 
     I created a superhero design big enough to do just that.  Each one is slightly bigger than the size of a bookmark. I made 14 different superhero designs.  I displayed them in my library by separating them by grade level.  I laminated each one so I can easily change the names every 6 weeks.
     At the end of the 6 weeks I look at my report to see which students earned the 85 percent average and had the most points out of the entire grade level.  I then write the names on each card.  When a student earns top ten, he or she gets a special award and a prize from my treasure box, which is usually something from the Scholastic Book Fair.  Students usually get excited when they see their name up on the bulletin board.  I even have some students bring in their parents to show them their name. 

I use these for displaying my Top Ten A.R. Readers, but you can use them however you would like in your library or classroom. 
   If you would like to do this in your classroom or library, please take a look at my Teacher's Pay Teacher's store where you can find the product.

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Here are some pictures of what the bulletin board looks like.




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