April 21, 2015

Teachers Pay Teachers Logo, Banner, and More Freebie

     I’ve been making products for Teachers Pay Teachers for almost two years. I wish I knew all of the information I know now back then.  I was just a newbie that knew very little.  I’ve learned a lot in the last few months, and therefore one of the reasons why I’m writing this post is to help others not make the same mistake as I did.   During that time, I didn’t know much about all the cutesy cover art, logos, and banners you can do.  Since my counseling program ended, my goal was to focus more on Teachers Pay Teachers.  A few suggestions that I read on blogs to create more traffic to your Teacher’s Pay Teachers store is to create cover pages and thank you pages for all of your products, to create a blog, and to create a Facebook group page.  Some other suggestions were to buy quality clip art, take your time in making your products, and always check Copyright before posting any products.
     The first thing I did was update all my products with cover and thank you pages. I’m not going to lie.  It took me around 40 hours to update all my products but worth it in the end.   Second, I started a blog using my TPT store name.  Third, I added a logo and banners to my blog, Teachers Pay Teachers page, and Facebook group. 
     It took me weeks to figure out how to do all of this.  I thought I knew a lot about technology, but I was so wrong.  The hardest part was to figure out the sizes for the logos and the blogs.  Once I figured that out it was so easy but it took hours.  I wish someone had posted a template that was on TPT for me just to plug in. 
      Since I had a hard time, I wanted to help others out that are just starting out whether it’s for Facebook, TPT, or a blog.  On my Teachers Pay Teachers store, I made multiple free templates with directions for creating logos, banners, blog clipart, correct Facebook picture sizes, cover pages, and thank you pages.
      Please check out my store if you are looking for help in these areas and look under freebies.
     If you get a chance, please follow me on Teachers Pay Teachers.  If you follow me, it will update you anytime I post a new product to my store.

     If you’ve never heard of Teachers Pay Teachers, it’s a website where you can purchase products made by teachers that they’ve successfully used in their own classrooms.  You can be just a buyer, a seller, or both.  If you would like to be a seller, here’s a link to get you started.

     The great thing about Teachers Pay Teachers is that it is a place where teachers can post products they’ve already spent time creating ideas for their own class.  I usually don’t post anything I haven’t already used in my classroom.

If you get a chance, please check out my new Facebook page I started last week:  https://www.facebook.com/thetravelingeducator

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  1. Laura, Thank you so much for sharing all of this. I haven't started working on any updates yet, but I know it's going save me so much time.

    Teaching with Hope