October 11, 2015

New Blog Design

Hey Everyone,

     Sorry it's been awhile since my last post.  School started, and I've been very busy since then.  Even though it's been very busy, I've been loving school so far.  This year has been a little different because my school turned into a bilingual school, and half of the school has beginner English learners.  It's been very challenging for myself not knowing Spanish.  The good thing is that I have an awesome library aide that translates some of my library classes for me. Once school is done, I go home for about a hour or two and study Spanish.  It's been fun learning Spanish on the side.  As much as I loved learning American Sign Language in school, I wish I took Spanish instead. School has been in session for over a month now.  How's everyone's back to school time go for them?  I would to hear about it in the comments.

I also want to give a shout out to Blogs Fit For A Queen.  They did a great job on the design on my new logo and blog. If you need a blog done, please check them out.  http://www.blogsfitforaqueen.com/ 

 What do you guys think about the new design?

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